The Host a Hive Service

Fully managed bee hive rental

What is Host a Hive?

Host a Hive takes the difficulty out of beehive ownership as our team takes care of everything

Allows you to enjoy pure and natural honey from your very own backyard

Dramatically improves the pollination on your property

Bringing “nature” back to your area, and helping New Zealand grow


Simply choose from one of our 3 Host a Hive Packages detailed below and register online.
Using Google earth we will make an initial assessment of your location to ensure that your property is suitable to Host a Hive. We will then contact you to discuss further an appropriate place to locate the bees on your property and establish a pre approval.
After your property has been pre approved you will then receive an email confirming this along with payment instructions. You can then choose to pay via credit card or internet banking and even monthly or annually. However, do keep in mind that all contracts are for a minimum of one year.
Once we have received payment, we will then arrange a suitable time to deliver the bees to your property.
That is it. We then look after your hive and take care of everything. Come harvest time in summer, you will get to taste the wonderful honey straight off your hive. Not to mention watch all your flowers, fruit and vegetables grow larger and stronger due to all the pollination from your new bees.


How does it work?




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