Backyard Package

Backyard Package

Ideal for inner-city homes and smaller backyards

The backyard package is perfect for your average residential backyard and smaller inner-city properties. This package includes a fully managed beehive, annual maintenance, medication, health checks and 7kgs of pure natural honey from your own back yard!

  • 1 Fully Managed Kiwi Bees Beehive
  • 7kg of Honey From Your Beehive
  • Pollination of Your Property Year Round
  • We Take Care of Everything
  • Save over 10% on your Subscription by paying annually
$41 per month/billed annually
$45 per month/billed monthly
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Step 1

Register online and we'll do a preliminary check that you're in a good location for backyard bees

Step 2

We visit your site to make sure your new bees will be happy, and not cause any nuisance

Step 3

We deliver your backyard bees! Sit back and enjoy as your bees get to work

Get your own backyard bees!

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If you have any questions about our Host-a-hive service or want to register for your own backyard bees simply fill in the form and our team will get in touch!

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