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  • Perched on the edge of my cliff, my beehive attracts a lot of attention from tourists who come to look at the view.

    — Rachel Shaw —
  • We have loved having the bees in our garden. Jack was very particular about where the hive should be situated. We have half an acre on Napier Hill and the hive has been placed where we see it every time we enter or leave the property. It is great to see the bees flying above our heads, going off to do their days work and then returning later in the day, always busy making us honey. We have a large variety of fruit trees and last year we noticed a big difference in the pollination rate, resulting in a larger harvest. So having our own delicious honey and more fruit has been well worth it, especially as we dont have to worry about taking care of the bees.

    — Yvonne and Steve Dickson —
  • We have had a Kiwi Bees hive in our property for nearly eight months now, it sits quietly next to a large lavender bush to one side of our driveway, and we have got great enjoyment and satisfaction from having it there, even without the added benefits of far better pollination of our garden vege plants, and the superb honey the hive delivers( via Jack)-I am in the wine business and so have a sharper nose than most (practice!) and the tastes/aromas/textures of the raw hive honey are unbelievable!

    — Jeremy Dunningham —
  • We would like to thank Jack for coming up with this concept. Being too busy to go down the track of having our own hives this is a perfect solution. Increasing pollination on our property for our orchard and floristry business is an added bonus. To have access to the best honey we have ever tasted is the ultimate, plus we can tell friends it is our own! Overseas and local guests in our cottage are fascinated by the hive activity. A real win win for the environment and us.

    — Paul and Sheryl Viggers —
  • We’ve had our hive for over a year now and can’t imagine being without it. It sounds strange, but ‘our’ bees have become part of the family. I often take a chair down to the hive and watch them at work. The hive seems to have developed its own personality – after a brief settling in period the bees seem pretty relaxed, I can walk right through their flight path and they’ll fly around me and carry on with their day.

    — Kent and Michelle Hutchins —
  • Love your happy bees in my garden– like to watch them coming and going from their hive– thank you bees for your tasty brown honey.
    Have had a bumper crop of apricots, persimmons, nectarines and feijoas.

    — Margaret Loughnan —
  • We’ve had huge crops from our fruit trees this season – I like to think having a working hive on the section played a large part in that. It’s also good to think we’re helping to maintain the NZ bee population.

    — Kent and Michelle Hutchins —
  • Jack and the team have been great to deal with from the start, answering any questions we have and always happy to tell me what they’re doing with the hive as the seasons progress, and why – I’ve learned a lot!

    — Kent and Michelle Hutchins —
  • The honey we get straight off our own hive is incredible – a very distinct flavour, quite unlike any processed honey I’ve ever tried. Eating a honey sandwich whilst looking out the window at the hive it came from is a nice feeling!

    — Kent and Michelle Hutchins —
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